The Work of Revising the Translations of Sutras

We should revise the translations of Sutras that were done in the past and make sure that they are absolutely correct and in accord with the Buddha’s meaning. This is my vow.

After I left the home-life, I made a vow to explain the Buddhist Sutras in colloquial Chinese first, and then to translate them into English. Although I didn’t know English, I still tried every possible way I could think of and translated as much as I could.

Later, when I came to the United States, the conditions ripened. In the summer of 1968, we held the Summer Lecture and Cultivation Session, during which we lectured on the Shurangama Sutra and began translating the Sutras from Chinese into English. By now, we have translated many Sutras. Although the translations may not be exactly accurate, we have expended our best efforts.

Now there are many people who understand the Buddhadharma and also many people who are able to translate. We should take the Sutras that were translated in the past and revise them to make sure that the translations are absolutely correct, true, and in accord with the Buddha’s meaning. This is my vow, and I hope all of you will diligently work together to carry out this mission.

                                                A talk given on October 13, 1983