It’s Our Responsibility to Save Humankind

Only a person who aspires to help the country and benefit mankind can be considered a great hero.

All of you must make great vows and do great things. Don’t think about getting a high position or making a fortune, because these are only for your own enjoyment and are not a contribution to humankind. Ask yourselves, “How can I help the country? How can I benefit humankind?” These are the aims of a great person.

You shouldn’t want to be a doctor for the wrong reasons. Doctors can make a lot of money, but some of them give shots to people who are not sick and charge them for it. By making such mistakes in cause and effect, they will fall into the hells. Although lawyers can make a lot of money, you shouldn’t want to be a lawyer. For the sake of making money, they will defend a guilty person so that he is found innocent. They scorn the law and treat it as child’s play, and those who are hurt have nowhere to redress their grievances. You shouldn’t want to be a scientist. Although scientists can make a lot of money, they also invent deadly weapons that can exterminate countless people.

Money is harmful. It makes people kill each other and turns relatives into strangers. In squabbling over family estates, brothers become sworn enemies and sons are driven to murder their fathers in their greed for money. Recently it was reported in the news that a boy killed his father in Los Angeles. The father was a wealthy proprietor in Los Angeles who owned a sixty-million-dollar estate, which he had probably obtained in an underhanded way. His two sons were juvenile delinquents. Out of desire for money, they murdered their beloved father. You see? Is money really such a good thing?

Think of money as you would of manure or dirt. Don’t become attached to it, and don’t fantasize about it. Just be content with what you have, and do your best to create blessings for humanity. Great people wish to sacrifice the petty self to achieve the great self, and we should encourage ourselves to follow their example.

When we study in school, we must first learn how to be good people. Don’t flatter others in order to get on their good side. Don’t put others on a pedestal, and don’t hope that others will put you on a pedestal. Study true knowledge. Establish good teachings, merit, and virtue; be an understanding person. I hope you’ll remember what I said to you today and will not let my words pass in one ear and out the other.