Volume 7

1. To change your fate, do many meritorious deeds
2. The difference between Buddhas and Demons
3. The Eight Virtues and the foundation for being a person
4. It's our responsibility to save humankind
5. The work of revising the translations of Sutras
6. Destroying superstition within Buddhism
7. Use Humaneness, Righteousness, Propriety, Wisdom, and Faith to Establish Heaven and Earth
8. Greed, Anger, and Stupidity harms us the most
9. Permeated by the fragrance of Dharma, we can become enlightened
10. What are the Three Treasuries and the Twelve Divisions?
11. When the Musk-Deer arrives, everyone can smell its scent. What need is there for fanfare?
12. We leave the home-life in order to end birth and death
13. How can we break the habit of eating meat?
14. Let's unite in support of Buddhism
15. Cultivators must be able to face challenges
16. After leaving the home-life, concentrate in body and mind
17. With insufficient Precepts and Samadhi, one has no Wisdom
18. Matching couplets
19. Good causes, good effects
20. Taking the false for the real
21. The Shurangama Sutra is the essence of all Sutras
22. Making vows with a true and sincere mind
23. Of all things, patience is the most noble
24. When living in a Way-place, follow the assembly
25. Affliction is Bodhi
26. How to cut off afflictions
27. All living beings are Buddhists
28. Be a good driver
29. "Preparing for life" and "Preparing for death"
30. The knack of memorizing Sutras
31. The true flavor of Dharma
32. It's hard to stay on guard against thieves inside your own house
33. Don't be arrogant toward the Triple Jewel
34. Cut down on frivolous talk
35. How to repay the kindness of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
36. How to attain Transcendental Wisdom
37. The most important thing in learning Buddhism is practice
38. The basic responsibility of a Buddhist
39. What is Samadhi?