The Simple Secret to Studying

When you are moving around, your mind will be confused and muddled.

Young friends, you are sitting there, moving your hands, swinging your legs, shaking your heads, wanting to move your heads to where your legs are, then again wanting to move your legs to where the head is. That is being upside-down. When you are moving around like that, your mind is confused and muddled. Then you won’t be able to memorize what you have studied. You should sit upright with a clear head and concentrate on the teacher’s lecture. That way you’ll be able to absorb knowledge.

There is a very simple method of study that involves three places and three faculties. The three places for studying are: on the road, on the pillow and on the toilet. When you’re walking down the road, you can think to yourself: “What did the teacher teach today? How is that word written? What is the meaning of this sentence?” Walking along, you contemplate what you have just learned at school. Back home, every night before you fall asleep, you should also mentally review what you have learned that day. At that moment, your mind doesn’t have too many random thoughts, so you should be able to memorize things easily. When you go to the toilet, you shouldn’t waste time daydreaming, but should instead review your lessons.

The three faculties you use in studying are: the eyes, the mouth, and the mind. You use your eyes to read, your mouth to recite, and your mind to contemplate. You cannot overlook any one of these faculties. Analyze the principles you have learned with a clear head, so you won’t disappoint the teachers after all the time and effort they have expended in teaching you. Remember to study hard, contribute to society when you grow up, and benefit all of humanity.