Money Can Kill You

Accumulating wealth can be lethal

Young friends! Don’t focus your thoughts on getting a promotion, making money, winning fame in the world, or becoming a world celebrity. Instead, think about how to work for the welfare of human beings, how to benefit humanity. We want to promote world peace and help living beings be happy. We don’t want to fight for fame and benefit, or plot against each other. If you get what you want by hook or by crook, you are creating offenses.

Accumulating wealth can be lethal. Recently in Los Angeles, a man was killed. This man was very rich, but he was not careful in his conduct. He was killed due to a conflict over money. Since he was rich, he committed a lot of offenses when he was alive, and that is why he came to such an end. Although he had property worth millions, he couldn’t take a penny with him when he died. Think about it: Is there any meaning in such an existence?

We want to be wise people, not fools. A wise person understands principles, distinguishes clearly between good and evil, and never does deluded things. A fool spends his days chasing after fame and gain, social status, and power. He fails to see their true nature and relinquish his pursuit. He forgets about justice when he sees a chance to benefit himself. He often does things that go against his conscience, and is muddled – as if drunk or dreaming – all his life. We ought to help these pathetic people. We should give them a hand and save them from the deep waters and scorching fires. It is said, “Doing good is the greatest joy in life.” Helping others brings happiness.

A talk given on September 22, 1983