Study Buddhism with an Ordinary Mind

The Buddhadharma is about the way things are. It’s not something to fear or to cry or laugh about.

Over a long journey, a horse’s stamina is tested.
After a long time, a person’s mind can be seen.

People who study Buddhism cannot learn all there is to know about Buddhism in just a day and night. One must gradually experience the principles of Buddhism over a long period of time. After cultivating according to the teachings for a long time, one will have some attainment.

Those who truly understand the Buddhadharma will neither be frightened, nor alarmed, nor be given to crying or laughing. The Buddhadharma is about the way things are and there is nothing to be frightened of. Nor is there anything to cry or laugh about. One should remain in a state of unmoving suchness and be clear and lucid at all times. That is the basic nature of the Buddhadharma.