Return to Nothingness

When we reach nothingness, we regain our true identity.

In Buddhism we talk about returning to the origin. We want to return to the way we were originally. What were things like originally? There was nothing at all! Now we want to go back to that state of nothingness.

If we have even a particle of attachment, we have obstructions. With obstructions, we are not able to escape the Triple Realm. Therefore, it’s necessary to break through all attachments. When we reach the point of having no attachments, we regain our true being.

Right now, we want there to be something, but there’s nothing. When we reach the point of not wanting anything, everything will be ours. Our wisdom will appear, our spiritual powers will become evident and their wonderful function will be obvious. Why don’t you have wisdom and spiritual powers right now? It is because you keep going around collecting dung. You don’t want gold or diamonds; you don’t want your inherent treasures either. You’ve thrown those away, and instead go around collecting dung, thinking you’re being really clever! In fact, you’re being as foolish as can be!

A talk given on March 10, 1977