The wisdom light of "non-outflows"

If you have thoughts of desire, it's as if your wealth and treasures are always getting plundered by bandits.

All the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Worthy Ones and Sages of the Sangha have a great wisdom light which is unsurpassed. Their wisdom is free of outflows and inexhaustible.

People have outflows because they have ignorance. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have no outflows, because they have no ignorance. Being ignorant means not understanding anything. It means being muddled, and not being able to tell right from wrong, or black from white.

The biggest outflow is the outflow of desire. If you have thoughts of desire, it's as if your wealth and treasures are always getting plundered by bandits. It's like wood which becomes infested with termites, making it useless. It's also like delicious food to which manure is added, making people throw up for three days.

Someone says, "But everyone has thoughts of desire!" That's exactly the reason we must cultivate. We have to get rid of thoughts of desire before our inherent wisdom can come forth. Thus, the state of "non-outflows" is the extraordinary treasure sought by cultivators.

Everyone should pay close attention. Why is the spiritual power of Elimination of Outflows one of the six spiritual powers? Elimination of Outflows means to have no outflows and to be totally free of desire, as in the saying, "Cut off desire and cast out love." If you can cultivate until you attain mastery, you will experience a sense of freedom and ease. But if you don't put an end to love and desire, and are always controlled by ignorance, you will do upside-down things and be ill at ease all day long, because your thoughts of desire are acting up.

All Good and Wise Advisors! You should especially apply effort in this, return to the source, recover your original face -- at that point, you will attain an inexhaustible wisdom which comes forth incessantly. No matter how much you use, it will never be exhausted.

Each of you must bring forth the resolve for Bodhi -- only then can you smash through the gate of birth and death. You must look within yourself and ask your conscience: Why do I believe in the Buddha? Why did I leave the home-life? Why don't I cultivate after leaving home? Having left home, why do I still have so many idle thoughts? Don't bypass these questions. You should think them through clearly! Then you'll be able to leave the Triple Realm, end birth and death, and attain the bliss of Nirvana.